The Need - Averting the Crisis

A SEVERE SHORTAGE of childcare in urban Honolulu has prompted Seagull Schools to develop plans for a new childcare center in Kaka'ako. The new center is being designed to accommodate 260 children and will support the expanding workforce and growing population in this area where the need is already critical. For the past 28 years Seagull has provided childcare services to this urban area at the Early Education Center (EEC) that is owned by the city and located on top of its municipal parking garage. It is the largest non-military childcare center in the state and is licensed for 264 children. A continuous demand for expanding enrollment in urban Honolulu and the recent announcement by the city that they will close the EEC effective August 2016 has resulted in the critical need for Seagull Schools to construct a new childcare center that will be located in Kaka'ako.